About the Civil Construction Industry

Every time you drink a glass of water, turn on a light, or use pipeline gas, travel on roads, rail or by air, you depend upon civil and infrastructure projects that have been built by the Civil Construction Industry.

The Civil Construction industry is made up of small and medium sized businesses, often known as sub-contractors. For example, the smaller businesses could be a group of individuals who have purchased plant and equipment, know what to do, and are good at what they do.

The larger, Tier One, Two and Three enterprises, are referred to as Major Project Lead Contractors. These entities often form alliances with complimentary organisations when bidding for major infrastructure projects.  

Every time you go anywhere by road, rail, plane or ship, you use infrastructure built by the Civil Construction Industry. CCF Victoria is committed to assisting organisations and individuals achieve their best, in a competitive and changing civil construction business environment.  

Civil Skills Development

The CCF Skills Development function focuses on identifying and sharing the latest approaches, to develop skills for all levels of workers for the civil construction industry.

To deliver the many infrastructure projects, and those in the pipeline, CCF can support your organisation, or an employee, to develop skills and competencies needed for the job. We have developed a Civil Construction Recruitment and Selection Pack, to guide small and medium sized civil businesses, using a systematic approach for recruitment, selection and employment processes.  The Civil Construction Recruitment and Selection Pack is a resource, attached to the latest version of the CCF Management Code. It has been proven, that engaging a competent team of employees will assist to manage project costs, reduce risk and the possibility of costly rework.

From hire to retire, CCF Victoria’s Workforce Development function will assist you with programs that will develop employees skills and support them with career progression pathways.

Managing employees performance and ensuring tasks are carried out safely and in line with legislation and regulations, is critical for completion of civil and infrastructure projects that are compliant. We can help you to demystify the regulations and legislation associated with the work to be completed.

If you are working on Victoria’s, Major Infrastructure Projects, there could be a requirement to meet the Major Projects Guarantee and Social Procurement Framework.

The CCF Skills Development team are able to assist you with interpreting these policies and meeting the targets.

CCF Victoria, through the Workforce Development function, provides advice to the Victorian Education and Training system, assisting to maintain the relevance and priorities for skills development of the civil construction sector’s.

The Workforce Development function is pitching civil construction as a career of choice, whether you are at entry level, supervisory, apprenticeships or traineeships. We assist Engineering Graduates, studying at various Universities, placement into our member organisations. This provides the engineering students an opportunity to experience what it’s like in a civil construction workplace.

CCF Victoria offers the Civil Skills Cadetship (CSC) Program. This has increased training opportunities for students from diverse backgrounds, who have not had an chance to enter the civil industry, to get a foot in the door. This program assists entry level workers, to ensure that they are better prepared, better skilled and ready to meet the future demands and challenges of the construction industry.

With the demand for entry level workers, experienced plant operators, supervisors and leaders is unprecedented, at this time, CCF Victoria is pleased to offer support and advice to those wishing to begin, transition to, and further develop their skills, encouraging a worthwhile Career in Civil. 

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For more information on the Civil Construction Industry, how to start a career or develop your skills, contact the CCF Team on 1300 DIAL CCF or email support@ccfvic.com.au