What your organisation does is beyond measures.
I believe if a lot of Civil Engineering companies could pattern up with organisations such as CCF, then the future of new graduates would be bright.
There are so many hidden potential in graduates out there, but all they are lacking is the opportunity to showcase what they can do. The system of employment has a long way to go, because nowadays it is all about who you know. Unfortunately if you do not have the right connection, then your career will be on pause until a miracle happens. It should not be like that, people should be given opportunities regardless who they know. But again it is all part of the system. CCF Program is defining the system wrong. I am very grateful and fortunate to have been part of CCF Foresite Program. Because of this program, it is why I secured a position with Citywide Service Solution. CCF gives opportunities to graduates regardless of the connection they have, and that is how everything should be like. Thanks to companies such as Citywide Service Solution for partnering up with CCF organisation and making this possible for candidates seeking employment or experience.
Thank you once again Faye and to CCF organisation for making this possible for me. Speaking on my behalf, and I am certain that students who have gone through CCF would feel the same way as I do.
Kevin Wani