Women in Civil

In the past, the civil construction industry has not been selected as a career of choice by women. There are limited reasons why women do not choose civil construction as a career. This is beginning to change. Young people, both men and women, are less willing to be locked in or out of careers.

The workplace culture of the civil construction industry is complex. In the very recent past, there were entrenched with outdated workplace practices. Initiating change is complex. An important place to start could be to introduce a zero tolerance for sexist behaviour and language, and make management at head office and on site responsible to lead this change.

CCF Victoria recognises that we must present the jobs within the civil industry, as stimulating, diverse and a rewarding job. This should be attractive to all genders, break down any false perceptions of barriers or misconceptions, and generally attract more talented and motivated people into the industry.  

Influencing diversity and inclusion

Diversity is about our individual differences and acknowledging the unique blend of knowledge, skills and perspectives people bring to the workplace. Diversity can include characteristics such as cultural background and ethnicity, age, gender, gender identity, disability, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, language and education. Diversity also includes characteristics such as professional skills, working style, location, and life experiences.

An inclusive culture is one where everyone feels valued and respected and is able to fully contribute. It is about removing barriers to make sure everyone can fully participate in the workplace and have equal access to opportunities. Inclusion is about empowering people to contribute their skills and perspectives for the benefit of organisational performance and business outcomes.

CCF Victoria supports the civil construction industry, and guides members with capacity development activities to change and create an industry that becomes known for its professional way of doing business.

Ultimately, more women and individuals from diverse backgrounds, will want to take up a career in civil construction.  But, just as importantly, this change will improve the work and personal lives of many men.

For more information on this topic or opportunities within the civil construction industry, contact the CCF Team on 1300 DIAL CCF or email support@ccfvic.com.au