CCF Apprenticeship Programs

In lockstep with the Civil Contractor Federation’s commitment to skilled workforce development for the civil construction industry, we offer a range of Apprenticeship Programs, designed to;

  • Assist newcomers to the industry in starting their career
  • Benefit employers and mentors looking to onboard apprentices for future employment
  • Continually induct new workers to the industry, helping to ensure a sustainable skilled workforce for the current and future pipeline of critical infrastructure works.

Apprenticeship is on-the-job training that involves following and studying a trade on the job, instead of in school. Civil contractors, carpenters, plumbers, builders, and many other professionals often learn their trade through apprenticeship training. The apprentice is bound by indentures or by legal agreement to serve a tradesperson. They undertake a nationally accredited, portable course of training under the supervision of their employer.

The Civil Train Team are committed to delivering the very best skills development training in the industry. We offer a range of qualification accredited courses, including;

Certificate II Civil Construction

Comprises foundation training, designed for newcomers to the industry. This is an excellent course for school-aged students (Yr 10/11) looking to start their career in civil construction.

Certificate III Civil Construction, General

Comprises apprenticeship training delivered as work-based learning (also includes some off-site training). Suitable for new entrants to the industry, or existing workers looking to upskill or formalise their skills, this course offers a nationally accredited and recognised qualification. This is the stream most apprentices and their employers agree to undertake.

Certificate III Civil Construction, Plant Operations

Comprises a plant operations focused traineeship, delivered predominately on-site (also includes some off-site training).

Certificate IV Civil Construction, Supervision

This apprenticeship program is for Supervisors in the industry.

It is comprehensive course of study for workers who are already Leading Hands or workers aspiring to supervisor/management level. The course units are leadership and management focused.

Government incentives apply to all eligible persons.

  • Training is delivered with Victorian and Commonwealth Government Funding for eligible persons
  • We encourage people with a disability to access government funded subsidised training.

The benefits of employing an apprentice include:

  • Onboarding a safe, compliant employee
  • Growing the industry with skilled workers

The benefits of an employer include:

  • Employers are able to shape the employee, choosing units of competency that best fit the business
  • Employer incentives for eligible employees
  • Lower wage rates
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If you would like to discuss taking on an apprentice/trainee or would like further information on our programs, please contact the CCF Team on 1300 DIAL CCF or email