CCF Foresite Program

CCF Victoria offers an opportunity for third year civil engineering students, to compliment their university experiences, with the real civil workplace expectations and challenges, through engagement with the Foresite Program.

There is positive value for all involved in the Foresite Program, civil construction organisations, students and the Engineering faculties of the Universities.

The intention is to give third year Engineering students, a twelve week ‘taste’ of the civil industry.

CCF Victoria is committed to supporting Engineering students through placements with our members, It’s an opportunity to work in the industry before graduating, therefore setting each student up for success and being more ‘job ready’ when wanting to start a career in civil  construction.

In addition, CCF Victoria has a keen interest in providing advice to University Curriculum Advisory Boards. CCF Victoria, through its members is in a position to influence the direction of the studies and job readiness of Engineering Graduates.

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To learn more about our Foresite Program or to discuss registration, contact the CCF Team on 1300 DIAL CCF or email